How to Start a Walking Program

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Why Walk?

Walking can aid in fat loss and enhance joint health, circulation, bone density, sleep cycle, blood pressure, and mood.

Make sure your initial objective is attainable. Try 10 minutes on alternate days if 20 minutes per day leaves you fatigued and sore.

Set Goals

Put It on the Schedule

If you intend to walk to work, arrange your schedule so that you arrive on time. 

Don't fret if you need to begin with significantly less than that. Even five minutes per day is preferable to none. 

Get Going!

Walk With Others

If you can find a willing partner, you could attempt a regular date consisting of a walk -- daily, weekly, or however often works best for you and your date.

Fido Can Help

It is acceptable if your walking companion has four legs and a thick coat of fur. Dogs can be particularly useful. 

Get the Right Shoes

Your footwear should be roomy enough for you to wiggle your toes, but compact enough to prevent your foot from slipping.

Your cell phone, a beneficial tool for measuring distance, may require rain protection. 

All the Right Stuff

Weave Walking Into Your Day

There are numerous opportunities to add additional steps to your day if you pay close attention. 

And if you neglect a day, you should have a plan to make up for it during the week.

Make an Alternate Plan

Keep Track

Some may even inform you of the number of calories you've expended.

When water levels become too low (dehydration), you may experience fatigue, vertigo, dizziness, or confusion.

Drink Water

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