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How Your Zodiac Sign Affects Your Taste In Music

Aries: High Energy Beats

They are energetic, bold, and physically active by nature, so they prefer music that reflects these characteristics, such as fast-paced dance rhythms and confident anthems.

Taurus: A Pure, Organic Sound

Taurus-born music lovers tend to gravitate toward music that has a natural, organic, and unfussy sound.

Gemini: Keep It Lyrical

This quick-witted and quick-thinking air sign requires continuous mental stimulation, so fast-paced and lyrically-driven songs are Gemini's cup of tea.

Cancer: Creative Crooners

The Cancer zodiac sign is a water sign, which makes them imaginative, sensitive, and emotionally driven; these traits also influence their musical preferences. 

Leo: Dance To The Drama

These fire signs value originality and seek happiness when listening to music.

Virgo: Lyrical Vibes

Virgos appreciate profound music and favor singer-songwriters with a diverse range of styles.

Libra: Living For Love Songs

Libras adore lyrical love songs, and they enjoy deciphering the meaning behind the lyrics to connect with the music.

Scorpio: Dark & Underground

Scorpios prefer introspective music that helps them connect with their emotions and experience things deeply. 

Sagittarius: Eclectic & Energized Bops

Sagittarius is a fun-loving, adventure-seeking, and tolerant sign, and it desires its music collection to reflect these characteristics as well.

Capricorn: Jammin' To The Oldies

Capricorns will appreciate music from before their period, so don't be surprised if you find them jamming to oldies.

Aquarius: Let's Get Experimental

Aquarius is the person who is always grooving to unfamiliar music and listening to bootleg recordings of the newest indie techno musicians.

Pisces: Music As An Escape

Pisces value music, and they enjoy losing themselves in the artistry of a song, whether it's a three-minute radio hit or a twenty-minute guitar solo.

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