Is He Compatible with You? Based on Zodiac Sign

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Aries man

Aries Mars governs the life of this sign, endowed with vitality, charisma, and a sense of purpose. This means you have to keep up with the demands of the Aries man.

TaurusIf you’re looking for someone for the meantime, Taurus isn’t for you. They are great providers who nurture and protect, so they ideally want a family.

Taurus man

Gemini man

The Gemini man loves to be in love because having someone gives them a sense of comfort. 

Cancer male is just as adoring and compassionate as his female counterpart. They approach love with the same emotionality as with other aspects of life.

Cancer man

Leo man

The charismatic and intense Leo is big-hearted. Because of this personality, they seem attractive to everyone.

Being an insightful intellectual, Virgo looks for variety and intellectual stimulation from their partners. 

Virgo man

Libra man

Libra, being ruled by Venus, is often referred to as the most loveable star sign—they are charming, graceful, and stylish.

The enigma of a Scorpio is what makes them attractive to others, making people want to be closer to him.

Scorpio man

Sagittarius man

Freedom is essential for a Sagittarius man’s survival. This reflects on their approach with relationships.

They know who they want—faithful partners whom they can rely on. But, they should also be financially and emotionally savvy. 

Capricorn man

Aquarius man

The jovial Aquarius men have an active mind who wants to try or discover the innovative and exciting. 

This unrealistic desire often prevents them from experiencing true love and may result in them getting into a multitude of relationships.

Pisces man

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