Joint Pain Exercises

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1. Bird Dog 

Kneel on all fours on the mat. Extend one arm, contract the abdominal muscles, and extend the opposite leg behind you.

Chris Freytag performs a glute bridge while donning a coral tank top and black trousers.

2. Glute Bridge

3. Figure 4

Cross the ankle of one leg over the opposite hip.

From this "figure 4" position, drive the long leg into the chest while bending the knee and retaining the heel on the ground.

Chris Freytag, donning a coral tank top and black leggings, performs a single knee-to-chest exercise by bringing one knee to his chest.

4. Single Knee to Chest 

Bring one knee to the chest and grasp the object with both palms. Continue to press the opposite leg straight and extended. 

While holding this stretch for five to ten seconds, inhale and exhale. Continue with both legs, performing four repetitions on each side. 

5. Double Knee to Chest

Similar to the knee-to-chest exercise, recline on your back and bring both knees to your chest. Both hands are wrapped around the knees, firmly embracing each knee. 

Chris Freytag, donning a coral tank top and black leggings, performs a gentle supine spinal twist while pulling one knee across the torso.

6. Gentle Supine Twist 

7. Modified Corkscrew Stretch

Maintaining the low back on the mat, allow the bowed knees to sway to the left across the midline for 8-10 seconds. Compress the abdominals to return the legs to the middle position.

Place your sacrum between your heels while lowering your stomach between your thighs. Lengthen your limbs in front of you and rest your forehead on the mat. Hold your breath for as long as you desire. 

8. Child’s Pose 

SI Joint Pain Exercises To AvoidUntil you feel better, it's best to avoid certain exercises that could aggravate SI joint discomfort if you're seeking relief. 

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