Love Language of Each Zodiac Sign

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The love language of an Aries must be affirming phrases. There is nothing more motivating to an Aries than an ego massage. 

Physical touch is a Taurean's love language. This sign welcomes all sorts of physical contact, including hugs, kisses, and hand-holding. 



Geminis live on the power of words, and they adore it when their partners express their affection through compliments and sweet nothings. 

Cancers are affectionate and nurturing, so it seems sense that physical contact is their preferred method of expressing affection. 



They are the regal and proud fire sign, thus they enjoy receiving extravagant gifts that show your adoration for them.

The love language that resonates best with Virgos is acts of service. Virgos are the type of individuals who display their affection through action. 



Whether it's a bouquet of flowers, a handwritten note, or tickets to their favorite concert, Libras appreciate any thoughtful gesture that demonstrates your concern.

Physical contact is the most effective technique to reach a Scorpio's heart.



Time well spent is the key to a Sagittarius' heart. Sagittarians are courageous and independent, yet they require a companion to share their path. 

Realistic and diligent, Capricorns cherish dependability and consistency above all else. 



The language that Aquarians comprehend best is affirmation. They are incredibly clever and enjoy intellectual conversations.

Spending time with a Pisces is the best method to demonstrate your affection. Set aside daily or weekly time for your Pisces companion. 


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