Meet the American Shorthair

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If you're searching for an easygoing family cat who is equally content relaxing and playing, I'm your cat! 

We American Shorthairs are notoriously adaptable and independent, so it's okay if you can't always hang out with me at home.

My ancestors were professional mouse hunters, so I enjoy observing birds and squirrels outside (even though I can't catch them!). 

When my humans are home, I enjoy playing indoors to get the necessary exercise (I'll become overweight if you don't monitor my weight).

As you can see, we American Shorthairs age pretty gracefully. Here are a few key milestones in my growth & development to be aware of as I grow up from a kitten to an adult and senior!

American Shorthairs are ancient than the United States! My earliest ancestors were European working cats who were superb hunters.

and took care of rodent problems on ships, thereby protecting their human companions from the diseases these animals could transmit. 

The Mayflower brought us to North America in 1620, and we landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts with the first European colonists. 

Some humans believe that we may have been on earlier ships with the colonists who landed in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607,

the Spanish who landed in Florida, and even the Vikings who landed in Newfoundland! 

In 1895, we were exhibited at the first important cat show in the United States, held at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

In 1906, we were one of the first five breeds recognized by the Cat Fanciers' Association. 

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