Most Insensitive Zodiac Sign

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1. Taurus

Taurus is the earthiest and most realistic sign of the zodiac, qualities that make them very dependable. 

However, this earth sign is extremely stubborn and will insist on doing things their way regardless of how unpleasant it may make others.


2. Sagittarius

They may not intend to be insensitive, they disregard others if they are not helping them advance.

They are focused on the broad picture and constantly seeking to increase their knowledge and sagacity. 


3. Aries

Aries, who is known for being impulsive, impatient, and quick-tempered, will not engage in a romantic conversation.

They speak without consideration and will not give you a second notice if they have offended you.


4. Leo

Leos are typically known for their confidence and charisma.

People gravitate naturally towards them and they can make acquaintances with relative ease.


5. Gemini

Gemini appears insensitive because they do not experience emotions to the same extent as other people. 


They are in their heads, always trying to remain busy, and buzzing with nervous energy.

Distractions, such as emotions, prevent Capricorns from climbing the ladder to success. 

6. Capricorn

They are the most insensitive zodiac sign because they will do anything to achieve their goals, regardless of who they harm in the process.


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