Most Loyal Cat Breeds

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Abyssinians are referred to as "the cat of the dog world" because of their extreme allegiance and people-orientation.

The friendly and pleasant Australian Mist is renowned to attract friends wherever it goes.

Australian Mist

American Bobtail

Despite resembling a wild cat, American Bobtails are a caring and affectionate breed.

American Shorthairs are extremely people-oriented and enjoy spending time with their families.

American Shorthair


The Birman has are all the characteristics of a loyal, trustworthy cat companion.

The British Shorthair is one of the earliest cat breeds and a typically devoted and loyal companion.

British Shorthair


The Burmese is a people-oriented, affectionate cat that is feeling most at home on a human's lap.

The affable and inquisitive Burmilla is a medium-sized hybrid of the Persian and Burmese breeds.



The Chartreux breed is known for its sensitivity and loyalty.

The intelligent and inquisitive Chausie enjoys exploring and being the center of attention.


Devon Rex

They are extremely sociable and enjoy the company of friends and family.

The breed is also a fantastic choice for anyone who is considering having children in the home.

Egyptian Mau

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