Most Melodramatic Zodiac Sign

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1. Libra

They put a lot of effort into each aspect of their lives and thrive when everything feels harmonious and balanced.

However, if these air signs aren't getting that treatment in return, they can get a little irrational and over emotional.


2. Scorpio

They have an intensity about them which can cloud their viewpoint if things aren't going to plan

They often end up exaggerating or blowing things out of proportion.


3. Aquarius

Aquarius generally stay pretty chill, but sometimes they just lose it.

If they are passionate about something or provoked, they may go off quickly and be quite over the top drama wise.


4. Cancer

Cancer is highly resistant to change and they'll stand their ground to make sure things go their way. 

They also love to agonize over problems and try and fix every little thing, even if it's out of their depth.


5. Aries

Arrogant and easily-angered Aries has to be in control. They're the first sign of the zodiac and love to be in charge no matter what.

They know what they want and expect their orders to be carried out to the letter.


6. Leo

Egotistical, attention-loving Leo is for sure the most melodramatic zodiac sign. 

They love when all eyes are on them and they're definitely known for their exaggerated actions.


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