Most Reliable Zodiac Signs Ranked

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1. Virgo

Virgo if you want an honest, objective assessment of your problem and recommendations on the fixes that will have the biggest impact.

Capricorn is so down-to-earth and pragmatic, they are the best person to protect you from getting too lost. 

2. Capricorn 

3. Pisces 

when you want someone to weep on and someone to help make sense of all of your confusing and conflicted sensations. 

Libra is an excellent mediator to have on your side when your issues concern other individuals. 

4. Libra 

5. Scorpio

Scorpion among your closest pals, you can rest assured that they will uphold the confidence that you place in them.

Gemini's favorite things to do, and they'll make you feel as though you can discuss anything with them. 

6. Gemini

7. Taurus

They are not very good at solving urgent financial issues, but they may advise you on how to invest effectively.

When you discuss your problems with other people who have Cancer, it could easily develop into a competition.

8. Cancer

 9. Aquarius 

They are preoccupied with the "big picture" to the point that they are unable to concentrate on the particulars for very long.

Once you've decided on a course of action, do you need assistance from another person to carry it out? 

10. Aries

11. Sagittarius

Get rid of the thing. In order to make progress on more pressing issues, such as the quantum nature of the cosmos.

Known for their'sting of the scorpion,' they have the strength and tenacity to overcome any challenge thrown at them.

12. Leo 

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