Most Stressed Zodiac Sign

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1. Libra

Libras may seem as calm and collected as a cucumber, but the truth is that stress may make them snap.

These air signs have no trouble fooling people into thinking they are better than they are.


2. Sagittarius

Sagittarius likes to dream large and make ambitious plans for the future.

They always have the impression that there is something more they could be accomplishing or doing.


3. Virgo

Virgo has a strong propensity to think too much and become excessively preoccupied with the minute particulars of life. 

They have a reputation for being anxious, and once they get going.


4. Pisces

They are extremely sensitive, and the majority of the time, their feelings are operating at full capacity. 

They also have a constant desire to care for other people, but they occasionally forget to care for themselves in the process.


5. Capricorn

They enjoy striving for success and will insist that they don't require any assistance on their way there. 

They wouldn't be able to push themselves as hard and achieve all of their goals if they didn't have to deal with the stress.


6. Gemini

If there is any sign that is going to overthink something, you can bet that it will be a Gemini nine times out of ten of the time.

They are naturally social creatures who have a propensity to behave irrationally.


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