Old-Fashioned Ingredients That No One Uses Anymore

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1. Polenta

Polenta is an Italian cornmeal that can be substituted for pureed potatoes or rice in a variety of dishes.

Polenta can be cooked into a variety of dishes, such as polenta cakes, baked polenta with cheese and mushrooms, and creamy polenta porridge.

2. Canned Peaches and Pineapple

Peaches and pineapple in a can are a convenient and delicious way for people to incorporate more fruits into their daily diets.

And according to her, the fact that these fruits are in a can does not make them less nutritious than raw fruit. 

3. Cottage Cheese

This protein- and calcium-rich cheese may have been something you concealed under your napkin as a child, 

but you shouldn't overlook it today. Some believe cottage cheese was among the first cheeses produced in the United States.

4. Celery root

Celeriac or celery root is a root vegetable with numerous health benefits. 

"It is also rich in fiber, which can promote heart and digestive health. 

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice that Koya would like to reintroduce to savory dishes.

Cinnamon is typically reserved for baking or holiday treats, but historically it was also used to prevent food spoilage and season savory dishes.

6. Beans

The plain basic bean is considered a food that promotes longevity due to its fiber and phytonutrients.

Many people avoid them today because they believe they are dull, too basic, or too difficult to comprehend.

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