Resistance Band Exercises for Shoulders

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1. Reverse fly 

It helps improve posture and is beneficial for people who frequently recline or bend forward.

This exercise strengthens your upper limbs, shoulders, and upper back.

Reverse fly 

2. Front raise

This exercise strengthens the shoulders' anterior (front) region. 

To promote correct posture, retract the shoulder blades, elongate the vertebrae, and contract the abdominals.

Front raise

3. Lateral raise 

This exercise targets the muscles of your shoulders, upper back, and abdomen.

Hold each end of the band with the palms facing inward, and cross the band in front of your lower thighs.

Lateral raise 

4. Standing row 

This exercise targets your lats, rhomboids, middle trapezius, and lower trapezius.

Complete the movement by bringing your shoulder blades together. 

Standing row 

Standing row 

Avoid shrugging your shoulders and maintain a relaxed neck.

This exercise targets the posterior shoulders and upper back, assisting in the correction and prevention of rounded shoulders. 

5. Band pull-apart 

Additionally, it enhances shoulder stability, which facilitates overhead movements.

Band pull-apart 

This exercise is perfect for individuals who engage in activities that cause them to lean forward.

Band pull-apart 

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