Romantic and Flirty pick up lines for crush to Fall in Love With 

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1. “Hey, tall, dark, and stunning, you make me gasp!”

2. “I hope you are good at showing the way because your deep blue eyes keep luring me in.”

3. “Call God; I'm seeing one of his angels here on earth.”

4. “We don't have the same appearance as socks, but I'm sure we'd make a good pair.”

5. “I awoke hugging the pillows tightly, so you must have been thinking about me all night.”

6. “Can you catch well? When I gaze at you, I find myself falling over things.”

7. “Are you a French person? due to the fact that you are tall and magnificent like the Eiffel tower.”

8. “You must be chuckling down at me every morning as the sun peeks out.”

9. “You seem to like raisins; do you enjoy going on dates?”

10. “Is it possible to unlock my phone using your phone number?”

11. “My favorite alphabetic combinations are "U" and "I."

12. “The way I tumble and subside for you, makes me feel like a snowflake.”

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