Sagittarius Man & Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

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She is difficult to pin down. Sagittarius enjoys mystery and adventure, which the Pisces woman provides. 

She shares his mutable sign, therefore she is changeable and adaptable. 

She is also extremely intricate and tough to understand in her own cryptic 12th house manner.

That she, like he, is a dreamer. Sagittarius has lofty aspirations and objectives for his lifetime. He values pragmatic individuals less than those with a visionary, idealistic outlook.

That she does not attempt to repress him. As a fellow changeable sign, Pisces is quite adaptable. She is compassionate and will not attempt to dominate or manipulate him.

That she is caring for him. Pisces is a caring, selfless sign that desires to help her companion. 

She is extremely sensitive to other people's emotions, and her perceptiveness enables her to see things about the Sagittarius that few others do.

That she is imaginative. The Sagittarius male abhors monotonous, bland, and unoriginal individuals. 

He enjoys seeing the Piscean woman flourish when she is engaged in inventive and artistic pursuits.

She is an excellent listener. He enjoys conversing with the Piscean woman since she is truly interested in his ideas and listens intently. 

Most people struggle with listening, but the Pisces woman has a natural flair for it. She never pretends either, as is evident by how immersed she is.

That she is truthful. Sagittarius places a high priority on integrity. He has minimal tolerance for all types of liars, frauds, and deceivers. 

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