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Smoothie Recipes to Cool You Off This Summer

1. Green Smoothie

Spinach? Who incorporates spinach into a smoothie? You do. This green smoothie is so delicious that you won't believe it's nutritious.

2. Avocado Smoothie

Forget avocado crostini. The avocado smoothie is the most recent method of consuming this savoury fruit. This is the only method for enjoying avocados.

3. Mint Watermelon Smoothie

Have you been out in the sun for too long? You require a more hydrating beverage than water. After a long day at the shore, rehydrate with this minty watermelon smoothie.

4. Red Wine Smoothie

Need more justification for day drinking? This red wine smoothie will transform your wine into a delicious sangria-style slushie.

5. Raspberry Mango Smoothie

Stay cool by the pool with this refreshing summer beverage. This bizarre concoction is so simple to make that you will want to astound your friends with it.

6. Mango Basil Smoothie

It may sound strange, but this smoothie is a must-try. Enhance your summer with this refreshing mango mint smoothie.

7. Apple Smoothie

Already anticipating the arrival of apple season? This apple smoothie is ideal for you, believe me.

8. Blackberry Moonshine Smoothie

The finest alcoholic smoothies contain moonshine. Those who do not enjoy moonshine will scarcely detect it in this recipe. 

9. Another Green Smoothie

Another verdant drink? Indeed, it is. This green smoothie variation will keep you satiated and energised.

10. Multi-Colored Smoothie

Don't be simple. This psychedelic rainbow beverage is all you need for a memorable summer.

11. Banana Smoothie

Bought too many bananas? Blend them up into a smoothie. This banana smoothie will absolutely drive you insane.

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