Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

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It increases your range of motion, improves your blood circulation, and may prevent injury.

If you live close to the city, consider all the places you drive to within one mile of your residence.

1-Mile Rule

Tense Your Muscles

This can be performed nearly anywhere and in a short amount of time.

 A stroller can turn your trek into an adventure for the whole family. 

Get a Jogging Stroller

Have Leash, Will Walk

Dog ownership increases the likelihood of physical activity.

In addition to getting some exercise, you may also perform your duties more effectively.

Walking Meetings

Take the Stairs

A person weighing 150 pounds consumes 10 calories ascending the stairs in one minute, compared to 1.5 calories using the elevator.

Park in the rear of the lot, whether you're at the grocery store, the office, or the post office. 

Park Farther Away


In addition to burning a lot of calories, going all out and then cooling down increases insulin sensitivity and muscle function.

That is 105 minutes of the recommended 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic activity.

Use Public Transportation

If the weather is pleasant and you have the opportunity, give it a try whenever you must walk.

Take the Long Way Home

Local message boards or a group of bicycle commuters can assist you in locating the safest route

Bike to Work

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