Squat Variations to Keep You on Your Toes

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Basic squat

Master this foundational move, and you'll be in excellent shape for the rest of this list.

If you suffer from knee or hip issues, the wall squat will provide additional support.

Wall squat

Prisoner squat

The act of placing your palms behind your head assists in stabilizing your core and shoulders.

It is essential to exercise in all planes of motion, including the front and back, as well as the side to side.

Side squat

Pistol squat

A more advanced exercise, the pistol squat is a bodyweight squat performed on one limb that requires strength, balance, and mobility.

Single-leg squat

The primary distinction is that the free leg does not need to be parallel to the ground during a single-leg squat.

PliƩ squat

Perform a pliƩ squat to channel your inner ballerina. It is also excellent for targeting the hips.

Drop promptly into another basic squat, this time pushing up and elevating the left knee.

Squat with knee drive

Side-kick squat

Adding a propulsion to your squats quickly transforms them from strength to cardio exercises.

Perform a squat by lowering your right quadriceps until it is parallel to the ground.

Split squat

Close-stance squat

Bringing your feet closer together provides an additional workout for your quadriceps.

Instead of returning to the center after completing a side squat, continue moving in one direction.

Lateral squat walk

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