Strengthen Your Body With These Challenging Yoga Poses

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Chin Stand

Stretches and strengthens the wrists, biceps, and upper limbs; stretches and opens the chest and neck. 

Start by lying on your stomach flat. Grab ankles by bending knees inward and grabbing them.

Bow Pose

Compass Pose

Determine if you can place your right leg over your right shoulder from a seated position.

If possible, slowly begin to straighten your legs so that your toes are slightly above eye level. 

Boat Pose

Crow Pose

The benefits include hip opening and core, arm, and forearm strengthening.

This posture stretches and strengthens the entire body, particularly the inner quadriceps, back, arms, and wrists.

Eight-Angle Pose

Half Moon Pose

Balance improvement and core muscle strengthening.

Upper body, arms, forearms, and shoulders are strengthened.

Flying Crow

Strengthens the limbs, core, shoulders, and back, and improves blood circulation.

Forearm Stand

Scale Pose

Improves balance and abdominal strength.

Reduces tension, soothes the mind, improves memory, stimulates the lymphatic system, and strengthens the core and back.


Eagle Pose

Start in mountain pose with your feet slightly separated. Place your palms on your hips and depress your pelvis. 

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