Stretches for Better Posture and Less Back Pain

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1. Child’s Pose

This is a classic yoga pose that stretches the lower back, pelvis, glutes, and hamstrings.

This stretch will strengthen spine flexion and extension and increase flexibility.

2. Cat-Cow

3. Knee to Chest

This stretch will assist you in relaxing your lower back, hip flexors, and buttocks.

This stretch will help alleviate lower back and hamstring tightness.

4. Seated Forward Fold

5. Bridge Pose

This stretch and exercise will assist you in activating your glutes to support your low back.

This joint mobility stretch, which resembles the yoga pigeon pose.

6. Shin Box Switch

7. Samson Stretch

Step out into a lunge position with the rear limb extended and arms extended overhead. 

Keeping your knee on the floor, trace the floor with your fingertips up over your head and around like the arm of a clock, while imagining a clock.

8. ClockWork

This assists in stabilizing the shoulders, fortifying the core, and aligning the spine.

9. Plank


Your wrists should be positioned directly below your shoulders, and your body should form a straight line.

This is one of the greatest powerhouse exercises in Pilates. 

10. Hundreds


It elongates the spine, strengthens the powerhouse, and expands the lungs and diaphragm.

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