The 10 Best Exercises to Include In Your Workouts

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1. Single-Leg Deadlift

Deadlifts are one of the best exercises for working the back of your body, including your glutes, hamstrings, and back. 

Planks are one of the best abdominal exercises due to the fact that they engage your deep interior core muscles.

2. Side Plank

3. Push-Up

A push-up with proper form challenges the entire body, particularly the torso. 

They engage all of the larger muscles in the lower half of the body, they are incredibly efficient and effective at building muscle and burning calories.

4. Second Position PliƩs

5. HIIT Intervals

Try incorporating it twice per week, on alternate days, into your workout routine.

This exercise will strengthen your arms and balance out your biceps by targeting your traps and triceps.

6. Triceps Extension

7. Step-Ups

Step-ups also target the quadriceps because they require knee extension against resistance.

Bridges are not only one of the best exercises for strengthening your butt, but they also strengthen your back and help to keep it healthy and pain-free. 

8. Bridge

9. Plank with Arm Raise

Adding an arm raise to the forearm plank, which is already an excellent core exercise, increases the stabilization challenge.

Plank with Arm Raise

From the push-up position, bend the elbows and rest the weight on the forearms rather than the palms. 

Inversions are beneficial for relaxation, blood circulation, and obtaining a new perspective.

10. Shoulder Stand

Shoulder Stand

Try placing your legs up the wall every night before bed for a few minutes.

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