The 10 Most Effective Thigh Exercises of All Time

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1. Side Shuffle Switch

It raises your heart rate (bonus cardio!) and recruits your inner thigh muscles to help you change direction rapidly.

Plyometric jumping exercises strengthen every muscle in your legs (including the inner quadriceps) and double as vigorous cardio exercises.

2. Plyometric Squat

3. Side Lunge Sweep

The additional crossover in this thigh exercise intensifies the inner thigh work and adds a balance challenge to the core.

If single-leg circles become too simple, attempt spelling the alphabet with each leg.

4. Single-Leg Circle

5. Dumbbell Squat

Position your feet slightly wider than the girth of your hips. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with the handles braced over the shoulders.

This classic quadriceps exercise not only engages leg muscles but also challenges your balance and coordination; it also targets your glutes. 

6. Lunges with Dumbbells

7. Ballerina Plié

The plié engages your hamstrings, quadriceps, abductors, and adductors — in other words, your entire thigh.

Additionally, it stretches the hip flexor on the opposite limb.

8. Low Lunge with Isometric Adduction

9. Attitude to Side Extension

This ballet-inspired thigh exercise requires you to engage your thigh muscles to control the movement of your limb (without falling over).

Stand on your right leg with your right knee slightly bent and your palms on your hips.

Attitude to Side Extension

10. Weighted Inner-Thigh Lift

This quadriceps exercise is a variation on the traditional inner-thigh lift. 

Suspend the left leg slightly above the ground with the foot flexed. Engage the inner quadriceps to elevate the left leg.

Weighted Inner-Thigh Lift

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