The 3 Most Faithful Signs of the Zodiac

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3. Virgo

We start with the one that is in the third position from the ones chosen as the most faithful signs of the Zodiac, 

and the one chosen for a so honourable place is none other than Virgo, the one considered as the most virginal image of the horoscope.

The idea of a life in a relationship where harmony, serenity and the absence of emotional ups and downs that could shake the persecuted stability, 

also implies the conscientious effort to stay away from temptations, because for Virgo this fact could suppose the beginning of the end of the happiness achieved in the life of a couple.

2. Scorpio

The second position among those who head our ranking of the most faithful signs of the Zodiac is for one of the natives of the water element,

all sensitivity, emotionality and intensity, as well as absolutely unable to forgive a betrayal by their partner. 

Knowing that good functioning in the relationship with your partner is a matter of vital importance for this sign,

it isn't difficult to imagine how to preserve the stability of the bond. 

1. Taurus

And the number one at the time of not letting themselves be dragged by low passions, no matter how easy it is to succumb to it, 

and for that reason they lead the ranking of the most faithful signs of the Zodiac, is Taurus. 

Because there is no greater example of perseverance, constancy and absolute loyalty than that which the bull of the horoscope naturally professes to their partner.

That's why we couldn't let anyone other than Taurus occupy the number one position among the most faithful signs of the Zodiac.

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