The 5 Best Exercises to Strengthen Your Hip Flexors

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1. Standing March

This standing hip flexor strengthening exercise is ideal for athletes and runners seeking to improve their performance.

If you don't have a light kettlebell, you can also enhance the resistance by wrapping a mini band around your foot. 

Standing March

2. Hip Bridge March

In addition to strengthening your glutes and hamstrings via the bridge position, this exercise also trains your hip flexors via the march.

Lie faceup on the floor with bent knees, level feet, and hip-width apart arms with palms facing down.

Hip Bridge March

3. Weighted Hip Bridge March

Increasing the difficulty of the bodyweight hip bridge march by executing it with a lightweight kettlebell attached to the foot.

In addition to fortifying your hip flexors, this exercise will provide a pleasant stretch for your tight hamstrings.

Weighted Hip Bridge March

4. Hip Hover

Activate the core and contract the quadriceps by pressing the rear of the knees into the floor.

Tap the sole of the right foot to the ground, then reverse the motion to return the right foot to the left side of the block.

Hip Hover

Hip Hover

While maintaining a flat back against the wall, engaged quads, and a flexed right foot.

5. Half-Kneeling Lift-Off 

Half-kneeling exercises, such as this lift-off move, target the end range of hip flexion.

The portion of the movement where the majority of people experience the most frailty.

Half-Kneeling Lift-Off 

Half-Kneeling Lift-Off 

Hold for five to ten seconds. Then, steadily lower the left foot to the floor with control.

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