The 5 Best Floor Exercises For "Exercise Snacking

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1. Bicycle crunches

Place your hands lightly on each side of your head, without interlacing your fingertips.

Raise the opposite leg while bowing the knee towards the torso. 

Bicycle crunches

2. Commando planks

Assume a standard plan position on a mat, with your forearms separated by shoulder-width and your feet's heels separated by hip-width.

Lower your back to the starting position on your right arm, then repeat with your left arm.

Commando planks

3. Tricep Dips

Your legs should be fully extended in front of you. Place your ankles roughly hip-width apart on the ground.

Your limbs should be held in a straight position. 

Tricep Dips

4. Mountain climber

Assume a press-up position, with your palms placed directly below your shoulders and shoulder-width apart.

Gomez indicates that you should quickly bring your right knee to your chest without letting it contact the ground.

Mountain climber

Mountain climber

Repeat the second step with your left limb and continue until all repetitions are complete.

It is essential to keep your hips level and your back strong. 

5. Donkey kickbacks

Donkey kickbacks

Then, return your right leg to its initial position, then repeat with the same limb.

Donkey kickbacks

After completing the prescribed number of repetitions on one limb, switch to the other.

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