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The Best Colors to Wear on a First Date

1. Wear red to exude confidence and passion

Wearing red on a first date demonstrates passion, enthusiasm, and self-assurance. 

Red is known to elicit feelings of attraction and arousal; it is the colour of love and desire. 

2. Try blue if you want to seem trustworthy and stable

Because blue can be a very tranquil colour, nurses often wear it.

It is also one of the most popular colours, so you can be certain that your date will find it pleasing and reassuring

3. Dress in black for timeless sophistication

The little black dress is a date night staple for a reason. "Wearing black on a first date suggests sophistication, power, and elegance.

You can be as bold or as subtle as you like with black, depending on the style of your date.

4. Wear white for a fresh and simple look

Wearing white can also create a timeless appearance; however, avoid looking too bridal.

White can be more weather-dependent, but it's also a very popular first date colour because it's associated with purity, simplicity.

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