The Best Easy Abs Workout for Women

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1. Abdominal Hold

This is the type of move that appears so awkward that you hope your roommate doesn't catch you performing it.

The side bend is a deceptively difficult exercise that challenges your balance and oblique muscles.

2. The Side Crunch

3. Opposite Arm and Leg Raise

It is also commonly included in core or glute activation regimens.

A super-simple, anywhere-applicable abdominal exercise.

4. The Prone Plank

5. Squat Thrust with Twist

If you engage your core and maintain proper form, this move can be an excellent lower-body and abdominal exercise.

Try this exercise with a resistance band as part of a simple abs workout, or add it to this full-body resistance band routine to engage your entire body.

6. The Climb Up

7. Ballet Twist

This modified half-crunch allows you to work through your entire range of motion due to the ample side stretches. 

Have them monitor your form and adjust your back angle.

Ballet Twist

8. Single-Leg Stretch

This classic Pilates exercise will cause your upper abdomen to burn. 

Single-Leg Stretch

Combine it with The Hundred to significantly fatigue your abdominal muscles.

After performing a series of regular crunches and other lying-down exercises, cobra pose will provide a welcome change of pace.

9. The Cobra

The Cobra

Additionally, it is an excellent yoga pose for strengthening the back muscles.

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