The Best Exercises for Sculpting Your Glutes

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Barbell Hip Thrust

Keeping the lower back and knees stable, drive through the heels and elevate the barbell by extending the hips, using the glutes rather than the back for force.

Both feet should be pushed through the right heel and stepped onto the platform.


Curtsy Lunge

To increase the difficulty of the exercise, perform it while holding dumbbells or a kettlebell in the goblet squat position.

In addition, the flexed heel curling toward the butt effectively activates the hamstrings.

Quadruped Hip Extension

Sprinter Lunge

This is a signature sprinter move to improve power, and as an added bonus, it really pumps up your glute muscles.

The Booty Barre Workout, designed this micro-movement to target the glutes. 

Barre Kickback Pulse

Barbell Squat

You already know that squats are one of the greatest glute exercises of all time, and adding heavy weight to them makes them even more effective.

To perform this glute exercise effectively, you must distinguish between a glute bridge and a hip extension.

Bridge with Leg Extension

If elevating your knee and foot off the ground is too difficult, begin by lifting only the foot and then add the kick when you are ready.

Pretzel Side Kick

Pistol Squat

To modify this advanced glute exercise, position a chair behind you so that you can rapidly tap your butt to the seat's edge. 

To engage your glutes, hamstrings, and core, you will need a stability ball, gliders, or even a folded towel on a smooth surface to perform this exercise at the gym or at home.

Hamstring Curl

Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

That glute exercise can be performed with almost any weight, such as a micro barbell or small to medium kettlebell.

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