The Best Stomach Exercises for Stronger Abs

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This Pilates Workout at Home Will Tighten and Tone Your Entire Body

To protect your back, keep your lower abdominal contracted and your hips facing the ground.

Donkey Kickbacks

Leg Crunches

Step-Overs With Dumbbell Boxes Will Give You Your Tightest Butt EverLying on one's back with the knees bent toward the torso, one may perform this exercise.

Repeat step 2 with your right leg extended and your left knee bowed. That is one repetition.Perform 8 repetitions four times per week.

Belly Blaster

Oblique Driving-Knee Crunch

Engage your core muscles and raise your left foot off the ground. Extend the left leg with the foot flexed.

This is a difficult move, so if you cannot lift your entire lower body, maintain your feet on the ground and lift your butt.

Scale Pose

Boat Pose

Engage your abdominal muscles and elevate your lower legs until they are parallel to the floor (knees should remain bent), balancing on your sitting bones.

While maintaining a still torso, elevate your hips and move them to the right; then lower and straighten your legs.

Cross-Leg Diagonal Crunch

Tone-It V Hold

This utilizes fast-twitch muscle fibers, which contract during high-intensity movements and enhance muscle tone.

Extend your legs back one at a time to assume plank position (the "up" portion of a push-up); contract your abdominal muscles. 


Squat with your weight concentrated on your heels. 

Body-Weight Squat

Stretch your arms overhead, point your toes, and elevate your arms and legs approximately six inches off the ground while lying on your stomach.

Swan Dive

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