The Best Yoga Poses to Improve Back Flexibility

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1. Cat/Cow

Get on all fours with your palms under your shoulders and your knees under your hips.

Exhale and gaze up with an arched back while rolling the shoulders away from the ears for cow.


2. Sphinx Pose

Place elbows under shoulders and forearms on the ground while supine.

Pull the torso forward while pressing the shoulders down and together and elongating the tailbone. 

Sphinx Pose

3. "Easy" King Pigeon Pose

Start in a low lunge position with the left foot forward and the back leg on the ground.

Slowly crawl your hands up onto your left thigh and take five deep breaths here.

"Easy" King Pigeon Pose

4. Half Frog Pose

In sphinx pose, rise onto your forearms with your elbows directly under your shoulders and breathe here.

If you are very comfortable with this variation and wish to increase your back flexibility, you can make it more challenging by extending the lower arm.

Half Frog Pose

5. Bow Pose

Press your feet away from your head and your ankles into your palms while keeping your knees hip-width apart and lifting your chest off the ground.

Bow Pose

Try grasping both the inside and outside of your ankles for a shoulder opening that is distinct from others. 

Beginning by reclining face-up on the mat. Bend knees and position feet hip-width apart on the ground.

6. Supported Bridge with Hip Opener

Supported Bridge with Hip Opener

Raise the hips, position a yoga block underneath at a setting that feels most comfortable for the back, and then lower the sacrum onto the block.

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