The Board Game You Should Play, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Risk

Aries, who are assertive and daring, enjoy taking risks. Whether pursuing a promotion at work or the romantic partner of your desires, you always play to win.


Taurus: Catan

You prefer to take the leisurely route and concentrate on your own objectives, unlike other signs who appear to be in constant competition.


Gemini: Scrabble

Gemini, you are quick-witted and articulate, and your intellect is always moving a million miles per hour.


Cancer: Codenames

Cancers have excellent memories and are great at dropping hints, so they will excel at playing this game with friends and family.


Leo: Guesstures

Leos are the most dramatic sign of the zodiac. They will enjoy acting out phrases and competing with others.


Virgo: Clue

Virgos are the zodiac's problem-solvers.  As a result, they'll enjoy using logic to uncover and solve crimes in this game.


Libra: The Game of Life

Libras enjoy the finer items in life. This board game will allow them to taste everything sweet and tasty.


Scorpio: Chess

Scorpios are known for being strategic in their plans and discussions, so they will be the best chess players.


Sagittarius: Trivial Pursuit

Sagittarius will have the opportunity to prove they are geniuses and smarty pants in this game.


Capricorn: Monopoly

Being business-minded around the clock will allow Capricorn to manage properties and earn money while playing this board game.


Aquarius: Taboo

Aquarius has a penchant for venturing off the beaten path and expressing 'taboo' sentiments; all the more reason for them to participate in this game.


Pisces: Pictionary

This game is ideal for ethereal, expansive Pisces. It will enable them to embrace their creative and whimsical inclinations.


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