The Dark Side of Fast Food

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In spite of their claims to produce healthy and nutritious meals, 

fast food restaurants have had a significant detrimental impact on society during the past few years.

In the 1950s, the obesity rate in the United States was less than 10 percent, but by 1975, 

it had skyrocketed to 32 percent, and it continues to rise. 

As the obesity rate climbed, so did the prevalence of other ailments that have affected and,

will continue to impact individuals until they realize that junk food is the cause and stop or reduce their consumption. 

150 billion and rising is spent on obesity-related diseases,

while 174 billion is spent on diabetes treatment, 

with the rate of treatment growing as more individuals consume junk food. 

To avoid medical expenses and self-harm from junk food,

one must adopt a healthy and proactive lifestyle, 

and if adults do not break this terrible habit, their children will soon be affected.

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