The Healthiest Vegetables to Consume When Trying to Lose Weight

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1. Spinach

"It has fewer calories, is nutritionally dense, and can be used in a variety of recipes," says Devje.

It is also an excellent method to consume more fiber.

2. Broccoli

3. Spaghetti squash

This winter squash should be eaten whenever it is available. 

"It serves as an ideal low-calorie alternative to conventional spaghetti," says Devje. 

These cruciferous vegetables are packed with fiber to help you feel full quickly and stay full for a while.

4. Brussels sprouts

They are extremely low in calories, but can make you feel less hungry after consuming them.

5. Green peas

With almost 9 grams of fiber per cup, green peas can help you meet your fiber goals and feel full with ease.

The green jewels can also be added to green pea soup or healthy farro fried rice.

6. Cauliflower

It provides fiber, which helps to slow digestion and promotes a feeling of fullness.

Cauliflower is also fat-free, cholesterol-free, and low in sodium.

With a touch more fiber, sweet potatoes have a sweet flavor that complements foods like kale and black beans.

7. Sweet potato

After all, the skin contains a significant quantity of the vegetable's filling fiber.

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