The Most Faithful Zodiac Signs

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1. Cancer

In terms of relationships, they don't play around. As long as they feel appreciated by their partner, they would never contemplate leaving.

Once a Scorpio has forged a strong connection, they are extremely loyal. However, it can take some time for them to let down their protection.

2. Scorpio

3. Leo

If they are unhappy in a relationship, they would rather terminate it than cheat on their partner.

Virgos are exceedingly faithful because, in addition to being practical, the idea of being caught cheating is so horrifying to them that they would never do it.

4. Virgo

5. Taurus

Taurus is much more likely to accuse their partner of infidelity than to deceive themselves.

Leos have some very traditional values, such as committing to one individual, settling down, and starting a family.

6. Leo

7. Pisces

Pisces are typically so faithful that if their partner cheats, they will forgive them and give them another opportunity... and then another chance.

Libras would rather end a relationship abruptly than endure a lengthy breakup rife with accusations and conflict.

8. Libra

9. Aries

They require constant stimulation from their partner; otherwise, they will locate someone who excites them.

They are adept at covering their traces and acting as if they are still your devoted partner.

10. Gemini 

As long as they do not feel constrained, they may be able to refrain from deceiving.

11. Sagittarius

They dislike feeling obligated to do things in a conventional manner, and this includes being faithful. 

12. Aquarius

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