The Most Lovey-Dovey Zodiac Sign

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1. Leo

They idolize being adored, so touchy-feely moments and affectionate gestures mean a great deal to them at all times.

Physical touch, creative ways of expressing love, and you basking in their love can be quite intoxicating for Leos.


2. Cancer

Cancer is empathetic. They not only desire to care for others, but also require it.

They adore cheesy romance novels, idealized home and family situations, and romantic time with a special someone.


3. Taurus

Venus, the literal planet of love, rules Taurus, so it should come as no surprise that they can be quite romantic.

They are sensual and romantic, and they appreciate all things relating to love and pleasure.


4. Libra

Libra needs love as much as they need oxygen. "Being a part of a healthy relationship is a huge part of their experience,

and they are constantly considering ways to add more love to their lives.


5. Sagittarius

In addition to their larger-than-life personalities and propensity for attempting new things, 

Sagittarians have an inexhaustible capacity for love.


6. Pisces

Pisces are incurable romantics who are also highly emotional and empathetic; their combination of these traits makes them the most romantic zodiac sign. 

They will also write you poetry and love letters to express how much you mean to them.


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