The Most Passive-Aggressive Zodiac Sign

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1. Leo

 Leo is a sign that may grow heated very easily.

 Leos are more inclined to address the problem in a passive manner because they know that doing.


2. Aquarius

Aquarius is an exceptionally intelligent and quick-witted individual who is not hesitant,

to engage in a contentious conversation if and when it is required.


3. Cancer

Cancers have been reborn with the ability to feel everything around them.

Cancers have a tendency to get caught up in their feelings and don't always attempt to find a solution.


4. Taurus

This earth sign craves stability and comforts itself in familiar surroundings.

It is more likely that they will avoid confrontation and stomp around.


5. Pisces

Pisces to experience their feelings than it is for them to really communicate them to others.

When things get difficult, they also have a talent for evading capture. 


6. Libra

Librans place a premium on maintaining equilibrium.

And maintaining harmonious connections with others, making them the most passive-aggressive sign in the zodiac.


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