The Most Tense Zodiac Sign

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1. Pisces

Pisces cannot turn off their emotions, but they often keep these feelings to themselves until they are on the verge of bursting. 

They are introverted and relatively quiet, yet they desire to alleviate the burdens of those around them.


2. Cancer

They are sensitive to everything, including the energy of others.

They have empathy for others and desire to be the one to make someone feel better, but they sometimes take on too much.


3. Aries

Occasionally, you may be able to feel the tension emanating from Aries.

These individuals are leaders with powerful personalities who strive to be the best at everything, which can be taxing.


4. Scorpios

It is common knowledge that Scorpios carry a great deal on their shoulders.

They are also a water sign, so, like their Pisces and Cancer counterparts, they experience emotions more intensely than the average person.


5. Virgo

Virgos are constantly seeking perfection and enjoy being useful. 

 Do not expect them to stop or slow down, despite the fact that they may need a break.


6. Gemini

Geminis enjoy conversation and are constantly hopping from group to group, but they may be putting on an act more often than you realize. 

The majority of the time, you won't even realize how tense they are because they are so good at hiding it.


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