The Perfect Spring Nail Polish to Try, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Red, coral and orange

All the more reason to adorn your nails with a color that matches your ferocity. 

Before your birthday, use this lovely shade of pink to emphasize your creative and romantic sensibilities.

Taurus: Light pink

Gemini : Yellow and blue

Yellow, your primary color, is believed to promote effective communication.

You, Cancer, have a heart that is always open to those you care about.

Cancer : White, silver and lilac

Leo: Gold or orange

Moreover, astrologists believe that this color will liberate the true Leo within, as well as the sign's characteristic vigor and tenacity.

Cocktail Bling by Essie is a versatile shade designed to complement all of your spring ensemble combinations.

Virgo: Muted blues, light gray

Libra: Light pink or white

With this pearlescent pink, you can honor your tender and open heart.

You prefer to avoid wearing a lot of color, Scorpio, but you also want to display your inherent sense of style. 

Scorpio: Black or gray

Sagittarius: Dark purple 

You may be able to see your gorgeous reflection cheering you on in your nails if you look closely enough.

This vivacious yet subdued peach hue may stimulate your energy and motivate you to pursue new objectives. 

Capricorn: Green, peach

Aquarius: Light blue

According to astrologers, a pale blue hue will encourage you to open up and communicate, as blue is the color associated with communication and emotions.

Wearing this iridescent green nail polish will cause you to become lost in your fantasies.

Pisces: Sea green and blue

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