The Relationship Deal breaker Each Zodiac

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1. Aries

You cannot tolerate a clingy or needy companion because you are extremely independent and enjoy having your own life outside.


2. Taurus

You have an excessive amount of pride and exceptionally high standards, so anyone who disrespects you will be eliminated from your existence.


3. Gemini 

You cannot be with an antisocial person because you flourish on your active social life.


4. Cancer

As an emotional and intuitive sign, you cannot be with someone who is private or reserved and keeps things from you.


5. Leo

You're the center of attention, so you can't be with someone who snatches it from you, but you also can't be with someone who doesn't at least try. 


6. Virgo

You are preoccupied with your career, success, and the next greatest thing. 


7. Libra 

You are an optimistic person who always believes that tomorrow will be better.


8. Scorpio

Even a white untruth is a deal-breaker for you and probably the quickest way to lose your trust. 


9. Sagittarius

Laziness. You can't be with a sluggish partner because you're constantly on the move and looking for the next radical.


10. Capricorn

You cannot be with someone who lacks the ability to be responsible or who has no idea what they want. 


11. Aquarius 

You are unconventional, rebellious, and somewhat peculiar, so you cannot be with someone who does not support your creative nature. 


12. Pisces 

You are extremely sensitive and emotive despite your attempts to appear otherwise. Being with an inconsiderate individual.


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