The Smartest Zodiac Signs in Astrology, Ranked

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1. Aquarius

They are able to remove oneself from a situation, which makes it easier for them to come up with a solution.


Aquarians have an open mind and are receptive to ideas and notions from outside sources. In fact, they actively seek out alternative perspectives.

2. Virgo

If there is no solution to an issue or if it is impossible to locate the answer, Virgo will make their own.


They enjoy solving the insolvable and repairing the damaged. In addition, they continually think and create.

3. Capricorn

The Capricorn's logical, exact, and highly ordered manner of thinking enables them to make intelligent decisions.


They avoid being unduly impulsive by having a clear understanding of their objectives.

4. Scorpio 

It is quite tough to deceive a Scorpio due to their mental fortitude, perceptive intelligence, and intensity.


You cannot deceive a Scorpio since they would catch on fast, and you don't want them to utilize their intelligence for retribution.

5. Gemini 

They are the zodiac's most quick-witted thinkers and have a unique talent for absorbing and sharing information.


They frequently possess a fully developed sense of humor, which is another sign of genius.

6. Pisces

Pisces are extraordinarily intelligent and creative, but they might become caught up in their own thoughts.


Pisces are typically sensitive to the experiences of others; it's almost as if they can sense what another person is thinking or feeling.

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