The Unlikely Best Friend Of Every Zodiac

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Certainly, Aries does possess a strong personality. You are aware of this because you live it.

I know what you're thinking: a Pisces could never be your closest friend. There exists a distinction between courtship and friendship. 



Occasionally, Gemini, you need someone to help you emerge from your cocoon. You can speak a good game, but walking the walk is a different story.

You two share characteristics beyond the ability to experience. Scorpios, although they may initially appear self-absorbed, are actually excellent listeners. T



There is no better sign to seek this from than a Cancer, who will not only keep you in check but also cause you to query why you're acting so fiery to begin with. 

The essence of your relationship, however, is that you inspire one another to do and be better.



It's no secret that you need assistance with decision-making, which is where a reliable Virgo comes in. 

Scorpios finally encounter their match in Capricorn. Frequently coupled romantically, these two can also form an honest, exciting, and meaningful friendship.



Leos will not query you if you present them with a wild, new opportunity or a concept that others would find laughable. 

Although Taurus is more in tune with their body's requirements than Capricorn, both signs are ambitious and typically know what they want. 



Gemini are notoriously difficult to leave a conversation with, but Aquarius will not want to. 

Pisces, you need someone who can bring you out of your head and into the real world, but not in a way that frightens you back into your mind. 


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