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The Worst Colors to Wear on a First Date

1. Brown

Brown can be perceived as dull or too conservative, which may not convey the excitement and,

anticipation typically associated with the beginning of a potential romantic relationship.

2. Gray

Grey can be a difficult colour to wear on a first date, as it can come across as too neutral or even indifferent.

It sends the message that you're not enthusiastic about the engagement.

3. Bright Colors

Bright colours can make you appear too flashy or desperate, which is probably not the impression you want to make on a first date.

On a first date, your potential date should focus on you rather than your attire.

4. Yellow

Regarding vibrant hues, yellow, the brightest colour in the rainbow, may convey the wrong message.

Yes, it is the name of a fantastic Coldplay song, and it does rhyme with "mellow," which may be the tone you're looking for.

5. Black

Black is a perfectly acceptable colour for a first date. It can make you appear sophisticated and slightly enigmatic.

However, donning nothing but black "may make you come across as unapproachable or morbid.

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