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The Zodiac Signs As Boyfriends


Scorpio is the greatest zodiac boyfriend (yes, Scorpio!). Don't let this sign's negative reputation and notoriety mislead or frighten you.


One of the most attractive qualities about him is that he will fulfil your emotional requirements without you having to express them.


This individual is devoted to love! He is an incurable romantic who fantasises about meeting his soulmate. 


Gemini's ranking as the zodiac's fourth-best boyfriend may come as a surprise, but if he's serious about you, he's a truly fantastic lover.


Don't be deceived by the myths encircling peaceful Pisces. Although this man is (extremely) emotional and sensitive, he is not feeble. 


The Libra boyfriend naturally ranks in the centre. Depending on his level of maturity and position in life, he can be either the best or the worst companion. 


If you haven't already, you will spend a considerable amount of time feeling exhausted and perplexed about your relationship with him. 


This individual is haughty, dominant, aggressive, and short-tempered. He has to be in charge. 


Either Sag is the greatest player or the most devoted companion. He takes a considerable amount of time to commit. 


Yes, Cap is diligent and dependable; he is a highly responsible individual destined for greatness. 


The zodiac's second-to-last lover is none other than Aquarius, the rebel. May the force be with you as you date this extremely frustrating and perplexing individual. 


He is guarded, emotionally distant, and selective in his empathy. This sign must have been present when the first mansplainer appeared on earth. 

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