Top 10 Strongest Cats

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10: Chausie

Physical strength is what makes it one of the robust cat breeds and a very powerful cat.

The Bengal is one of the strongest cats and the most potent cat in terms of physical strength and stamina.

9: Bengal

8: Norwegian Forest 

As one of the "giant" or massive cat breeds, the Norwegian Forest Cat and Maine Coon share some similarities. 

The Maine Coon is the largest non-hybrid domestic cat and one of the fiercest cats in existence.

7: Maine Coon

6: Cougar

It is also the second-heaviest and fifth-strongest large cat after the tiger, lion, jaguar, and leopard.

The leopard is one of the surviving big cats belonging to the Panthera genus. In terms of climbing ability, it is among the strongest of feral cats.

5: Leopard

4: Jaguar

The jaguar is the only surviving member of the Panthera genus that is indigenous to North America.

Although it is known as the monarch of the jungle, the lion's diverse habitats exclude tropical rainforests and extremely arid deserts. 

3: Lion

The liger is the largest of the big animals, despite being a hybrid created by crossing a male lion with a female tiger and not occurring in the wild. 

2: Liger

Tigers are well-known members of the large cat family and one of the "big five" game animals. It is the largest and strongest wildcat in terms of size and muscle.

1: Tiger

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