Top 8 Beautiful Black Cat Breeds

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Remember that certain pedigree cat breeds are known for particular characteristics.

1. Bombay Cats

2. Black Chantilly-Tiffany cat

All cats have unique personalities, but these cats are reportedly affectionate.

3. Persian

The Persian is everyone's beloved cat with a flat face. This cat is easily identifiable due to its soft, glossy black pelt.

Their coats are available in five solid hues and multiple tabby patterns.

4. Maine Coon

5.  Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex has a distinctive appearance, with a bowed body, large ears, and short, curly fur.

This imposing appearance is supported by robust bones and a medium to tall stature. 

6. Selkirk Rex

7. Devon Rex

This breed's short, wavy coat covers its tiny to medium-sized body. 

Devon Rexes are smaller cats, but they are playful, muscular, and enjoy perching. 

8. British Shorthair

These cats reach a size between medium and large, and while they typically have a blue (dark gray).

Black-coated British Shorthairs are completely black (including the muzzle and paws) and have golden eyes.

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