Top 8 Deadliest Cats

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1. Black-Footed Cat

South African and weighing less than three pounds, the black-footed cat is the main predator of birds and mice in its savanna ecosystem.

Additionally, cheetahs are renowned for their exceptional agility and the ability to adjust their prey's movements almost imperceptibly.

2. Cheetah

3. Leopard

Leopards avoid territorial aggression and poaching differently than hyenas, lions, and other large cats.

Their growing popularity as pets has allowed them to become one of the most dangerous non-native invasive species on the planet.

4. Domesticated Cat

5. Lion

In approximately one out of ten hunts, wolf packs are successful, but there is strength in numbers, and the cost of splitting a fat caribou meal is not nearly as significant.

The relationship between pumas and wolves provides the most direct comparison between feline and canine success rates.

6. Puma

7. Tiger

Tiger Tigers are always the apex predators in their ecosystems and one of the most lethal cats.

Bobcats, as generalist predators capable of pursuing large ungulates but not dependent on them for survival, can subsist on mice, small birds, and deer. 

8. Bobcat

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