Top Flexibility-Improving Stretching Routines

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Lay on your back with your legs stretched out.Pull your right knee into your chest while maintaining an upright left leg and a firm lower back against the floor.

1. Knee to Chest Stretch

2. Seated Neck Release

However, relieving tension in the neck can have a positive effect on the remainder of the upper body, from the shoulders to the spine.

3. Lying Quad Stretch

Keep your lower leg erect and bend your upper knee so that your foot is close to your buttocks.Hold the tip of your foot with one hand and pull it toward your butt.

Maintain stability in your hips so that you do not rock back as you lift. Maintain for 30 to 2 minutes.

As you raise your torso off the floor, place your elbows under your shoulders and your forearms on the floor.

4. Sphinx Pose

5. Extended Puppy Pose

Press through the palms of your forearms to maintain straight, engaged arms.

I like the pretzel stretch because it stretches multiple important postural muscles in one stretch.

6. Pretzel Stretch

You will stretch the quadriceps of the lower leg, the spine, and the glutes and hip flexors of the upper limb.

7. Reclining Bound Angle Pose

If you initially require support for your legs, he recommends placing pillows or rolled-up towels beneath them.

Bring your feet together and allow your ankles to open and move closer to the ground.

Stand with your feet parallel to one another.Bend your left knee and draw your left foot toward your butt with your left hand. 

8. Standing Quad Stretch

Maintain a flat lower back on the floor. Maintain for 30 to 2 minutes.

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