Try This Low-Impact HIIT Workout Routine at Home

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1. Stationary Skater

Maintain broader foot spacing than hip-width. 

Maintaining a low squat position, shift weight rapidly to the left leg.

Stationary Skater

2. Jump-Free Burpees

Maintain an upright stance with feet hip-width apart and arms extended above the head.

Squat by pushing the pelvis back and bending the knees to lower the body.

Jump-Free Burpees

3. Seated Tuck Jump

Place the tips of your toes gently on the ground, bend your elbows, and place your hands in front of your shoulders.

Pull abdominals in taut and bend knees approximately 90 degrees. 

Seated Tuck Jump

4. Kickin' Plank

Assume a tabletop position with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees bowed and directly under your hips. 

Stepping one leg back at a time, assume a high plank position on your forearms with your feet hip-distance apart.

Kickin' Plank

5. Butterfly Squats

Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, your arms extended in front of your torso with your left palm on top of your right, and squat down.

This low-impact HIIT exercise should feel similar to a squat leap without leaving the floor. 

Butterfly Squats

6. Rising Lunge

This low-impact HIIT exercise should feel similar to a lunge jump without departing the ground.

Make your movement swift and explosive, but rather than jumping, simply raise your heels off the ground.

Rising Lunge

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