Vegetables Benefits For Hair Growth

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1. Beetroots

Red vegetables contain higher levels of lycopene, which is known to stimulate hair growth.

In addition to beetroots, the majority of red vegetables are beneficial for hair because they may contain the same nutrient.


2. Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are a potent antidote for hair loss, despite their relative obscurity. 

Curry leaves contain numerous beneficial compounds, making them an ideal tonic for hair growth and providing you with lustrous hair.

Curry Leaves

3. French Beans

The richest source of Vitamins A and E is French legumes.The richest source of Vitamins A and E is French legumes.

Vitamin E is essential for enhancing the shine and volume of hair.

French Beans

4. Green Chili

Green chilies are an excellent source of keratin and vitamin E for promoting hair growth.

It also aids in the repair of injured scalp cells in order to stimulate the growth of new hair follicles.

Green Chili

5. Orange veggies

They reduce hair loss and breakage. 

Oranges and yellow-colored vegetables are excellent sources of beta carotene; bell peppers are an excellent source.

Orange veggies

6. Cucumber

Additionally, it is known to promote healthful hair.


Blend in some raw cucumbers, then apply and massage the paste into your scalp.

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