What Every Zodiac Sign Will Teach You About Love

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When conversing with someone, you can be quite attentive and enthusiastic. However, you are also quite impatient. 

You must be absolutely certain that not only can you trust this person, but also that you can see a future with them.



You are sending mixed messages. Do they like me at all? People wonder. You enjoy conversing in general, but you are easily bored, so it is difficult to tell.

You do this because you're attracted to the concept of love, but you're actually afraid of being hurt again.



When conversing with someone, you will express your admiration for them. You believe you are demonstrating it, but you are actually being quite subtle.

You're not a big flirt or a super romantic person. You demonstrate your interest in another individual through subtle actions and words. 



You also enjoy romantic gestures and will only continue a conversation with someone if they are wooing you.

You do not admit people easily or without testing them beforehand. In this manner, you can be quite manipulative and shady. 



You can be quite fearful of commitment! But when you do converse frequently with someone, you can be very flirtatious and amusing!

You're not a super romantic person. You're a realist. When it comes to interpersonal interactions, you approach things with considerable reluctance.



You desire a profound connection with your partner as much as you want them to be unique and occasionally challenging for you. 

As soon as you start talking to someone, you fall in love with them. You converse with them frequently about anything and everything, with attentive ears and eyes.


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